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Future of Sikhs in India?

By the time India got independence, we Sikhs started facing in discrimination. The miscreant members of the constitution committee submerged Sikh religion into Hindus and we were declared as Keshadhari Hindus. In Oct.1947, Mr. Gopi Chand Bhargav Chief-Minister of Punjab, issued a circular presenting Sikhs (who were made refugee in their own homeland), as criminal castes and they be dealt strictly, with the consent of the trio, than Governor Punjab, Chandu Lal Chaturvedi, P. M. Nehru and Home Minister Patel. S. Kapur Singh who was DC Kangra refused to imply this order and sent a letter to Governor Punjab in protest. At this Govt. terminated him from I C S when he was on leave on midnight of 13-14 April 1949, whereas Govt. had no powers to sack an ICS. It was a punishment to S. Kapur Singh of his being a Sikh in a new secular nation. These were the two basic reasons and Nehru's denial of a Sikh state within the framework of Indian constitution. This was a suitable demand and we still adhere to it. For example: If Tamils can be given the name of their state as Tamilnadu---means Tamil Desh, Why can't be the similar name could not be given to satisfy Sikhs. It is justified and Anandpur resolution approves it.

Turban image in Bollywood film upsets Sikh people,
Jagmohan Singh (Editor World Sikh News, 25 Aug-2009) Bollywood has done it again. As if the films in the genre of Jo Bole So Nihal (which despite the protests of the Sikh community, continues to be shown on the small screen on different channels) were not enough, films like Love Aaj Kal, Raja Hindustani, Mohabattein, Badal, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and others continue to take Sikhs non-seriously. Sikh anger is growing, but neither Bollywood producers and directors nor the Central Board of Film Certification has taken this with the seriousness it deserves.
[As if male actors were not enough to mock at the Sikhs, you now have a female actor to tar the Sikh image. Scenes and sequences from your latest movie seem to suggest that you are doing with a vengeance]. Mr. Yashraj, Don't take any panga which may cost you than the money you earn on defamation of Sikhs in your films. Be careful.
Pakistan had offered to share the power with 60%-40% in Muslims and Sikhs. In India the Sikhs in army were 10% at the time of independence. After independence this was reduced to 1.5% by Patel. This was the reward given to Sikhs after independence to enjoy special area and special rights. Out of total prisoners 2646, sent to Andaman-Nicobar (KAALA PAANI) for life sentence 2147 were Sikhs. Out of 127 Indians (martyrs) hanged by Britishers, 92 (80%) were Sikhs. Higher ratio of execution can also be compared though the no. of population of Sikhs before partition was less than 1% of the total population of India.

SINGAPORE 1943 (See the floods of Turbans itself witnesses the number of Sikhs in INA). Even in INA the strength of Sikhs was 60%.This way by giving false assurances he (Nehru) got success in winning the trust of Sikhs. Later on after independence when Sikh leaders approached Nehru to get the favor. Nehru just betrayed and replied that the circumstances had changed and he couldn’t fulfill the commitment. This was the commitment of leaders and betrayal of congress with Sikhs. See some example of betrayal and thanklessness to the brave people of India;
The real face of Hindu leaders, regarding the Sikh Nation/Qaum,
" To preserve the unity of India, if we have to eradicate 2-kror [ 20 millions ] Sikhs, we will do so. (Balram Jhakhar, a colleague of P.V. Narsimharao, the former Indian Prime Minister)

" The Sikhs are a lawless people and a menace to the law abiding Hindus ... The [Government] should take strict measures against them." (Pandit Nehru, Indian Prime Minister, on Sikhs)

"Kya main taqat dushman (the enemy -the Sikhs) ke haath main de dun (How can I entrust power into the hands of the enemies)." (Jawahar Lal Nehru, 1961)

" I hate the very physique of a Sikh because of the turban and beard. " (Vallabh Bhai Patel, late Indian top politician)

"I don't give a damn if the Golden Temple and whole of Amritsar are destroyed, I want Bhindranwale dead." (Indira Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister, communicating with Gen. Vaidya during "Operation Blue Star")

"We have broken the back of the Sikhs and we will get them elsewhere." (M. M. K. Wali, Indian Foreign Secretary, June 7, 1984, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio 740, As It Happens)

"Let us teach these bastards (the Sikhs) a lesson." (Rajiv Gandhi, October 31, 1984)

"... a threat to the villagers that all males would be killed and their women taken to army camps to breed a new race if there was any militant activity in their village." (Brig. R. P. Sinha, Indian Army, March 8, 1991)

"You do not know the might of our armed forces. We will eliminate 10,000 Sikh youths and the world will know nothing about it." (Chander Shekhar, former Prime Minister of India, CK, 21st October, 1991)
All of the above as quoted by Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon and Dr Harjinder Singh Dilgeer in, amongst others, 'Khalistan: The Struggle To Regain Lost Sovereignty', The Sikh Educational Trust, Box 60246, University of Alberta Postal Outlet, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2S5, Canada.
Now our destiny is with India. No doubt we love it. We have given more sacrifices than the rular Hindu community. They will always be the rulers because of their strength of population (majority) and in democracy they share the maximum strength, more than any other community. Even Muslim have reached to there desired strength in voting power but Sikhs are still outnumbered. Baadal, the C.M. of Punjab burnt the copies of this constitution in 76 at Gurudwara Bangla Sahab, Delhi and provoked the Sikh youths against this injustice. Later on he has sworn in as by having oath of the same constitution. The justice since 84 is not delivered and always delayed on some pretext. Sikh girls were raped, imprisoned and killed in fake encounters by Indian security forces and Punjab police. Now the next generations of these so-called Hindu fanatics are ruling and attacking Sikh culture and shrines. In 1984, after death of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, more than 10,000 thousands (unofficially 4000) innocent Sikhs were massacred in streets of Delhi, Jamshedpur, Kanpur and other places of India. The assassinates of Mrs. Indira Gandhi were given death penalty, but on the same day, the killers of innocent Sikhs were rewarded with higher Positions in Govt; as Ministers like Harkishan Lal Bhagat, Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar.

A brutal supermind (LALIT MAKAN) of Sikh genocide in 1984, shot dead to revenge by Sikhs.

We can never trust in congress. It may shed the crocodile's tears but we cannot and never forgive congress for their alleged role in massacre. After 25 years Sikhs are in camouflage of justice. They may make 100 more attempts but shall not be able to unveil the truth against the conspirators of genocide, or to prove the direct link of congress, or massacre of Sikhs by leaders of congress, though it is not a secret. The assassinators of Mrs. Gandhi were executed within one year of her alleged murder but the conspirators and projectors of mass murders still moves scot free. The circular, which was issued to all Distt. Collectors to deal strictly with Sikhs as Sikh community was declared criminal soon after India got independence in Oct.1947, and Sikhs were made homeless and refugee in their homeland for which they sacrificed more than any other community. Is that circular abolished?
This circular has not been abolished yet by Govt. of India.
We Sikhs and other minorities are fooled in the name of democracy as in democracy, only the people of community large in number gets the right to rule because of majority so where we Sikhs should go in future as we are not even protected by Police also in India. KPS Gill killed 25000 innocent Sikh youths during his police regime in Punjab, Supreme Court accepted these murders by Police personals as fake killings, and ordered the Punjab Govt, to compensate their families but they couldn't be searched in lack of police performance, Either they had disappeared in fear or some might have been tortured or killed by Police, but even Supreme court didn't recommend any action against offending officers. Instead of punishment, they got promotions because they please their political bosses in Delhi. This is also a face of India’s judiciary which works under pressure of politicians/ rulers.
How can we seek our future in India if discrimination continues?
Next is from," 62 get life term in Kerala riot case." this is first instance of life sentence to such large number for communal violence. A special court in Kozikode on Thursday sentenced to life imprisonment 62 of the 63 convicts in the Marad communal riot case of 2003, which had left nine person dead. On May 2,2003, a mob on two boats crossed the Chaliyar river and attacked Hindu fishermen resting on Marad beach, 12 kms from Kozhikode. In the stabbing spree, nine persons were killed. From above incidents one can see the terms of justice.
There are two type of law is followed in India. For the 84' riots, no justice could be delivered to Sikhs since than, but in this instance where Hindus were killed, 62 out of 63 were given life term punishment by special court, that is just within four years only whereas we Sikhs are not delivered the justice since the last 24 years.
If it is not discrimination with Sikhs in India than what? Is this the equality given to all citizens in India? What does the Indian Constitution says;
· Artcle 141 : The law, declared by the Supreme Court shall be binding on all courts within the territories of India.
· Article 15, of the constitution act of India. The state shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only on religion, race, cast, sex, place of birth or any of them.
· But where is the constitution to punish the masterminds of riots/genocide of any minority community like Muslims and Sikhs?
Sikhs in Pakistan are having there 'Sikh Marriage Act', where in India, we get our marriages regd. as per Hindu Marriage Act. We are not even recognized as a separate religion in Indian Constitution. Article 25-(2). submerges the Sikh -religion in Hindus. That's why our leaders rejected it and did not sign. The approval to Indian Constitution is never given by Sikh Leaders. All these differences were started by humiliating Sikh Gurus by Gandhi, portraying the 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh as misguided patriot also presenting Sikh Gurus as Hindu deities by RSS---means ; --------- RASHTRA KA SARAA SANGATHAN, (The rotten organization of the nation).or say RASCALS - STUPIDS - SCOUNDRELS.
Sikhs. Now our destiny is with India. No doubt we love it. We have given more sacrifices than the ruler Hindu community. They will always be the rulers because of their strength of population (majority)and in democracy they share the maximum strength, more than any other community. Even Muslim have reached to their desired strength in voting power but Sikhs are still outnumbered. In Oct.1947, Mr. Gopi Chand Bhargav, then Chief-Minister of Punjab, issued a circular presenting Sikhs (who were declared refuge in their own homeland), as criminal castes and they be dealt strictly, with the consent of the trio, than Governor Punjab, Chandu Lal Chaturvedi, P. M. Nehru and Home Minister Patel. S. Kapur Singh who was DC Kangra refused to imply this order and sent a letter to Governor Punjab in protest. At this Govt. terminated him from I C S when he was on leave on midnight of 13-14 April 1949, whereas Govt. had no powers to sack an ICS It was a punishment to S. Kapur Singh of his being a Sikh disobeying Nehru and trio, in a new secular nation.
First discrimination and now attacks on Sikh culture. The discrimination with Sikhs started before independence only but being nearer to Hindu religion and good faith on Nehru and Gandhi, Our Sikh leaders like Baldev Singh,of that time couldn’t foresee the wickedness of these leaders of Congress. When Jinnah demanded Pakistan before British in London in early 47, Jinnah warned the Sikh leader S. Baldev Singh ji too, either demand for a separete nation or join Pakistan and he proposed 60%-40% in Pakistan parliament and all Govt. jobs . He also warned that these Hindu leaders will betray with Sikhs one day so it would be in the interest of Sikhs to raise their demand and to accept his proposal. He forewarned Baldev Singh of betrayal by Hindu leaders but Baldev Singh ignored it. Alas ! had he given an ear to Jinnah, History would have been different. On that night, Baldev Singh disclosed this secret with Nehru, (though he was warned by Master Tara Singh ji and other Sikh leaders), The first thing Nehru did in the morning, he took the first flight to Delhi and brought Baldev Singh back to Delhi so that he may not accept the offer of Jinnah or demand a separate nation for Sikhs. Before independence a constitution committee was formed under the presidentship of Dr. Rajender Parsad, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was also a member of that committee. There were totally 12 members in that committee. Out of those 12 members one was Sikh. This committee is said to be the committee, which wrote the Indian constitution and which was implemented on 26th January 1950 in India but the miscreants members of this committee, too betrayed with Sikhs. It submerged the Sikh religion in Hinduism and declared it as a sect of Hindu religion.
The definition of a Sikh in Article25 (b):-- it defines Sikhs as Keshadhari Hindus. Thus now the Sikhs had become Hindu constitutionally. Their sovereignty and independent status was snatched from them. Now all their lives were controlled by Hindu acts, their marriages, their divorces, the adoptability of child etc. were all taken under control of Hindu religion.
An indirect interference in Sikh religion is also seen now by RSS and like minded people to prove the Sikhs as Hindus and that the Sikhs were made to protect the Hindus who dare to kill Sikhs and wish to genocide of the Sikhs at any cost. These thankless people betrayed by making every effort to submerge the Sikh religion in Hinduism, as done earlier to Jains and Budhists. This discriminatory constitution was out-rightly rejected by the Sikh member and other controlling bodies like SGPC etc. they refused to accept it denied to sign it but it has been forcefully implemented on us - Sikhs too. Recently after 350 years of its existence of Khalsa Panth,the Punjab and Haryana high Court had to define the definition of a Sikh. What a shame? There are more than 35 million Sikhs scattered in all over world and even then the High court had to give the definition. Why did it not rejected the appeal out rightly as an interference in Sikh’s religious matters? Why did it accept it?
Is this not a proof of direct interference in Sikh religion by Govt. of India? If High court is asked the definition of the Hindu religion, could it define?
All these betrayals provoked the Sikhs of greater Punjab and they put a demand of Punjabi Suba (separate Sikh state) which again Central Govt. denied. Hence the agitation with support of Akali Dal started in Punjab. But the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who was sworn in after Lal Bahdur Shastri, who died in mysterious conditions in Tashkent on 11th January 1966, was compelled to announce the new Punjab but here too she played the Hindu cards. She belonged to a Kashmiri Pandit family and was a shrewd politician. She was enriched with the qualities of crafty and falsifier.
The Press and Hindu leaders of Punjab lied to the nation and declared their mother tongue as Hindki whereas they were unable to pronounce Hindi word. They forgot that they were fed by this soil and their mothers sung the songs in Punjabi language to make them asleep. They raised the slogans,”Eiri ura parhan nahin dena, sir te joora rahan nahin dena”. Thus again Punjab was made a weak state by taking the control of Bhakra and Nangal dam, some Punjabi spoken areas like Abohar and Fazilka were not given to Punjab, control of its rivers, its waters were taken by the center in its control. A joint capital was made –Chandigarh on the land of Punjabi speaking villages. Punjabi speaking areas Kangra and Dalhausi (Now in Himachal) were also not given to Punjab but by dividing greater Punjab into two states, it was deliberately and mischievously divided into three states to weaken the Sikhs, to weaken the Punjab. So that may in future if a demand of separation of Sikh homeland/ Khalistan is raised, a very weak and small piece of land-Punjab be given to Sikhs.
A stage of drama of further betrayal in future with Sikhs was thus written.
When any matter concerned with Hindus takes place against Sikhs, there may be BJP, or Congress or any other Political party, they get united to suppress Sikhs. In that case they are all one and the same –Hindus.
After the Punjab was declared a Punjabi state/ Punjabi sooba. This name never appeared on papers. Like Tamilnadu-Tamil Desh. The India govt. never agreed to adopt this name on the ground of language whereas the same demand of Tamils was fulfilled.
During 1975-78, there appeared a new star on the soil of Punjab. He was Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwala, who was brought by Indira Gandhi to suppress the Akali power but sooner Sant ji understood the wicked moves of center to eliminate Sikhs and moreover the most clever move of center to divide Sikhs and to take control of Punjab in its hands. In 1978, the picture got cleared itself as 13 members of Ahand Kirtani Jatha were sent to Nirankari Mission to protest the humiliation to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji by Nirankari Guru Gurbachan Singh but the volunteer goons of him attacked these unarmed Sikhs and killed all of them.

When the news of their martyrdom reached to Sant Jarnail Singh ji, he declared open war against Nirankaris but the Govt. of Punjab paved the way off to escape for Nirankari Guru to Delhi. This provoked Sikhs in Punjab, they clearly understood the game of Hindu Govt. which took no action against the killers but helped them to escape from Punjab. Lala Jagat Narayan played a key role to help Nirankaris and openly condemned the Sikhs. Ultimately he was shot dead. His son also went on his way in writing against Sikhs. Very soon he too met his faith. There were a few incidents of massacre of Bus passengers by hard core Sikhs which were reported from different parts in Punjab. For all these mis-happenings, Sant Bhindranwala was held responsible by Govt. agencies.
Parkash Singh Badal, Sant Longowal and Gurcharan Singh Tohra played a gimmick and wrote the lesson of treachery with Sikhs. They conspired against them and requested the central Govt (Indira Gandhi), invited her to attack Golden Temple by army. This secret was revealed through the letter written to R. K. Dhawan by Sant Longowal. They had thought that these very few people, when face the army shall run away and either Sant ji would be killed or run away with his followers, and that there will be no obstacle to rule the Punjab by them, but to their dismay the attack was retaliated and failed, by the handful Sikh youths, blessed by their Guru with high spirit. My brothers remember you did not loose the battle as army lost it, was compelled to use Light and medium artillery against bare footed Sikh youth warriors, then to see your valor, its Generals were compelled to deploy heavy artillery and its armor to suppress and eliminate you. So what if you are martyred but you have certainly taught a lesson to Indian army, of your Sikh valor as it was the first time in history when Indian army confronted with you Sikhs and moreover with untrained army personals but with their high spirit bestowed in them by their 10th Guru.
We salute your valor brothers.
Ahmad Shah Abdali attacked Golden Temple in 1761, after that It was attacked in 1984 by Indian army. Secondly only one question is frequently asked by everybody, "Why the day of Gurpurab was selected to attack Golden Temple, why not any other day it attacked so that pilgrims could be saved?
Governments are prone to exploit certain situations to their advantage and to the complete ruin of their less fortunately placed adversaries and even friends and yet proclaim to the world that they had been themselves grossly wronged. The same tricky game was played in Punjab in June 1984 by the center. Actually it had selected deliberately and army planned it to attack on that special day, so that the pilgrims could be used as scape-goat in cross firing. Army wanted to use congregation of Sikh pilgrims as a cover-shield. It was not concerned whether pilgrims die or survive, it had to complete the task-their mission to kill Sant Bhindranwala at any cost. The pilgrims could be killed but at least army personals be saved and able to capture Akal Takhat with minimal damage to army. But this strategy failed and infantry denied to attack due to heavy loss and casualties. Then they killed the innocent pilgrims and residents of adjoining areas in frustration. General Shubeg Singh, (The great Sikh general) and his dedicated Sikh soldiers were so brave and witty that they failed every move of Indian army. Army Generals were compelled to push the medium artillery in attack and brought APC vehicles to ferry soldiers to Akal Takhat but APC vehicle was blown off. Indian infantry lost the battle and the face to face fierce battle against Sikhs, then to gain control of the lost situation, Generals of Indian army pushed heavy armored and Tanks to storm Akal Takhat. They fired 80 shells on Akal Takhat and killed everybody in. They could not capture those brave 14 committed Sikhs alive. At last they (Army) blew them off. What a might? The valor of Army disappeared fighting in Amritsar. It was the same army which forced 93,000 soldiers of Pakistan army in East Pakistan (Now Bangla-desh) to surrender but here in its own country, at Amritsar It couldn’t wait and watch to capture them alive as it had been directed by Mrs. Gandhi to eliminate Sikh Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala and his committed Sikh warriors. Indira Gandhi - who ordered and supervised the attack on Golden Temple. In her words.....
"I don't give a damn if the Golden Temple and whole of Amritsar are destroyed, I want Bhindranwale dead." (Indira Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister, communicating with Gen. Vaidya during "Operation Blue Star")
Indian army had another motto also – to suppress Sikhs so that they may fear in future also from it but they forgot that it’s results shall prove disastrous and it did. It not only attacked the Golden Temple but at 43 Gurudwaras all over Punjab. Army is also responsible for making a loot of belongings of the families residing in Golden Temple complex and rest of the places it attacked. It even did not spare the treasury of Golden temple and looted all the precious offerings of devotees made for the centuries. It destroyed the Library also to destroy the Sikh culture and History. We have the proves that it killed the innocent Sikhs in adjoining areas of Golden Temple also. See the valor of those 14 Sikhs, un-frustrated by the attack of huge enemy, the brave 14 soldiers fought the battle whole two days and nights continuously (48hrs.) in the high spirit (chardi kalaa) and showing exemplary courage, un-parallel in the history of wars, continued firing and fighting till the last drop of their blood kept them alive.

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O Heroes of Sikh nation, we sing songs of your valor.

Though the brave Sikhs got martyred but are remembered for their extra gallantry they have set in our minds.
We salute those brave brothers on behalf of our whole Sikh nation/ Qaum/ Panth. Before this Gen. Sinha, (Commmanding in chief, western command) was ordered to send tanks to suppress and eliminate Bhindranwala and his followers at Chowk Mehta (Damdami Taksal), on request of Darbara Singh than C.M. of Punjab, but he refused as the sentiments of Sikhs could be hurt by sending army and tanks in Gurudwara. His junoir Gen A.S.Vaidya was promoted to C-in-C of India. Gen. Sinha was thus punished for disobeying orders of Govt.of India.
Here, I dare to ask the so-called Govt. of India that if Sant Jarnail Singh ji was a separatist, an extremist, a threat to Hindu dynasty, a killer, an anti Hindu or he demanded a separate Sikh raaj-Khalistan, What rights had Indian Govt. to use the Tanks against him and to kill him? On what grounds he was ordered to be killed? Are the freedom fighters of any nation/ or the people demanding separate nation or who raise a voice against in discrimination, or injustice are killed?
If Sant Jarnail Singh ji is alleged of misusing the holiest Shrine, On the contrary was the army not misused by Govt. of India? On what pretext and which law permits the use of Tanks to crush its own citizens? Whether they were demanding a separate nation or not, but they were certainly not involved in anti-national activities. Even if it had been the issue, GOI could allow the security forces to control the rebellions and to arrest them as Sant Jarnail Singh Ji was never booked on any charges of anti national activity in any state of India.
In any case it could not use the heavy artillery and against its citizens. Naxalites (Students of Naxalbari) are fighting since 1971, and still they are active in Chatisgarh and some other parts of India. Why didn’t army allowed to use heavy artillery, armored and its full force to crush them? Aren’t they any threat to unity of India? If Govt. Had decided to arrest or kill (Which lt couldn’t abided by law), even then it was the duty of all officers of army/administration to safeguard the interests of Sikh congregation in Gurudwara and adjoining areas. Priority should have given for their safe escape. They should have been warned and given an opportunity to escape but it was not done. Instead of saving the innocent people, the Indian army itself decided and allowed its personals to suppress the entire Sikh world and kill the innocent Sikhs.
Was it their valor? No ! the role of cowards and impotency was played in the Golden Temple complex by mighty Indian army.
If the curfew was imposed in Punjab, it was meant for Sikhs only. Hindus were allowed to move frequently but without any order of Martial law or shoot at sight orders, Sikhs found on street. were shot immediately in whole of Punjab. Hindus of Amritsar, Jalandhar and other cities distributed sweets to welcome the Indian army and attack on Golden Temple. In Hall bazaar of Amritsar the Hindu residents wrote on road by lime WELCOME INDIAN ARMY. They distributed sweets also. The seed of division in civil societies of people on religious grounds were sown by the Indian army/administration itself on that day. Due to this division, KPS Gill, the IG of Punjab police got killed nearly 25,000 innocent Sikhs to please his political bosses in Delhi to roast a few chestnuts of his own on the dead bodies of his brothers and children. He is also not punished though proved guilty by Supreme Court. Due to this in discrimination, some Hindus were killed throughout Punjab in avenge but the Center is fully responsible for these killings due to its discriminating policies. And Hindus too because they were responsible for provocation by distributing sweets on attack.
The war was started by Govt. of India but we Sikhs shall give an end to it. It will certainly continue as we see the tortures of Punjab Police and injustice met to Sikhs since the last 32 years. If this is the criteria of Govt of India , I wonder if the similar steps would have been taken by the Britishers, there would have been no heirs of Gandhi, Nehru or other freedom fighters in India to rule any more. If Russia had adopted this policy to kill all the people who raised the voice to get separated or voted in favor of separate nation, it could kill all of them and would have not been divided. There would have been no more new nations on the map of world. Pakistan too could kill Shekh Mujib-burrahman on these grounds who was saved by Indira Gandhi, It dared not. But Indira Gandhi proved a hypocrite. In chain reaction to this attack, Gen. Vaidya and Indira Gandhi were killed. Rajiv Gandhi- son of Indira Gandhi was sworn in as next Prime Minister but he and whole congress party ordered the genocide of Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of India.
Amitabh Bacchan - who demanded the blood, and incited Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs in 1984. Amitabh Bacchan, the film actor of India, a close friend of Rajiv Gandhi too appeared live on TV and raised slogans of Khoon ka badla khoon (Blood against blood) and provoked the Hindu mobs to kill Sikhs everywhere they find. By his provocation, nearly 10,000 (officially 4000) innocent Sikhs were massacred in different parts of India, their properties were looted, set on fire, their women were molested and raped also at some places but no lawsuit is ever filed against him due to his high influence in corridors of power.
Jagdish Tytler- who sponsored the Sikh genocide. Not only this- it doesn’t end here.
A butcher Sikh K P S Gill was made I G of Punjab police and he used all his powers to eliminate Sikh youths in Punjab to please the central Hindu Govt. During his period. 25,000 innocent Sikh youths were killed, for which he was declared guilty by the Supreme Court of India. He was held responsible for these murders and a compensation of Rs. Three Lacs to each family of deceased was announced by the court but most of the family members could not be located, either they had disappeared in fear of him or were killed also. Rajiv Gandhi was killed by the LTTE extremists, but the discrimination did not end here.
The Hindu Brahmins wanted to submerge the Sikh religion into Hinduism as they had done it earlier to Jains and Buddhists but Sikhs are cautious. They could not be brought under the umbrella of Hindu religion and due to this the conflict started in Hindus and Sikhs. The Govt. which could not get any success in eliminating, in suppression of Sikhs, now agreed to the plan of major Hindu organizations to play the Hindu cards. Earlier the Govt. which could not harm the Sikhs by attacking the highest temporal seat of Sikhs in June 84, and then by order of genocide in Nov.84, it decided to weaken the Sikhs and submerge it forever in Hinduism by eliminating its culture. If the cultural attacks continue, many simple Sikhs who are unaware of the wicked moves of Hindu organizations shall stand beside them and support them in their ignorance of religion and shall get divided and thus strengthening the hands of anti-Sikhs. Then the smart card is played with the behest of ruling party and other major parties of India. RSS-Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh which is a major Hindu hard core group played its cards. It adopted the policy to divide the Sikhs and weaken the Panth by raising different issues through its agents as Sikhs. A branch of RSS- the hard Hindu core is already functioning in the name of RSS-Rashtriya Sikh Sangat.

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Its administrators are the puppets of RSS-the Hindu hard core. Whatever their masters wish-they speak-HIS MASTER’S VOICE. This way they don’t let go any attempt to attack to divide and acts like Vibhishna. To divide Sikhs earlier a controversy of Dasam Granth was started and authenticity is challenged by some so-called intellectuals like Prof. Darshan Singh ji ragi and Kala Afgana and few others. They have got success in their malicious acts to defame and challenge the Dasam Granth not written and composed by Guru Gobind Singh ji. They forget that it was compiled in 1698 when Guru Gobind Singh ji was alive. He used to call it ‘CHOTA GRANTH’ and liked most. By their acts, they not only have challenged the authenticity of Dasam Granth but have also challenged the authenticity of Hemkunt Sahib and Hazoor Sahib. The introduction of Hemkunt is narrated in Bachitar naatak as Ab main apni katha bakhano……… If they dare to prove it written by somebody else then a question itself arises whether there was another person other then Guru ji himself who could describe his last birth of Satyuga. Guru Gobind singh ji never visited Hemkunt in his life time but as per his narrations, Hemkunt Parbat was searched in 1927 by a devoted Sikh Havidar Modan Singh ji. All the signs narrated in Dasam Granth were matched and then declared that this is the place where Guru Gobind Singh ji had worshipped the Akal Purakh-All mighty WAHEGURU in his previous life as DUSHT-DAMAN. Before that he worshipped at Nanded in Maharashtra in his same previous life where he visited and pronounced the place belonged to him and proved that the place belonged to him. He dug out the land and recovered some of his belongings of his previous life. All those ignorant intellectuals who questions on authenticity of Dasam Granth, they should keep in mind that whenever they go to research on the writings of Guru Gobind Singh ji , they should always go to that era, imagine the people, the dead nation, who could not resist the Mogul invaders and had surrendered before them, adopted Islam as their new religion in fear of death.

GURU GOBIND SINGH JI. It was Guru Gobind Singh, who gave sword in their hands to protect themselves and their own from Mogul tyrants. It was made possible through his Baanis full of BIR RAS and his believe in omnipresent Waheguru. He achieved his goal and baptized his followers as Khalsa who not only gave a befitted reply to Moguls but were successful in destroying the Mogul empire. Even today Pakistan surnames its Missiles in the name of those Mogul invaders, just in illusion that the Indians may fear of them psychologically but he forgets that these were the Sikhs who invaded Afghanistan In 18th century otherwise since after Prithvi Raj Chauhan, nobody invaded the land of invaders and won, other than Sikhs in last 1000 years.

The credit goes to Guru Gobind Singh ji only. This controversy strengthened the hands of RSS and other anti-Sikhs. So now recently when a saint Ramanand of Ravidas sect was killed in Vienna (Austria), the followers of Ravidas showed their anger by arson and stone throwing incidents and their protest against Sikhs but they forget that the entry of this so-called Guru was banned in a Ravidas Gurudwara in Birmingham(UK) by the management due to his continuous humiliations to Sri Guru Granth Sahab ji, the present Guru of Sikh religion. Now these down-trodden chamaars, the followers of Ravidas Bhagat denies to follow Sikh religion. Well ! It is upto them but they forget that they had no respect, no equal status in Hindu society in 15th century. Ravidas ji himself describes it. The scenario changed soon after the Baani of Ravidas ji was added in Guru Granth Sahab ji by 5th Guru Arjan Dev ji in 1604 A.D. Now they were given the equal status in Sikh religion. Guru Gobind Singh ji gave them extra regard by calling them, ”RANGRETE GURU KE BETE” and hugged them. So far in Indian history, nobody had ever gave them an affectionate hug but now their misguided leaders who denies this respects are in illusion that the by joining Hindu religion or their any sect, they may get some respect, they have completely ignored the Brahminic behavior/ humiliation to their forefathers, to them for the last centuries, they were not allowed to listen the holy Ved baani or to share any dais at any place in Hindu society. But now they are under false impression of RSS. They will realize it but then it will be too late.

RSS has got another success in dividing a sect of Sikh religion and they may cheer upon their this success but this division is not going to harm the Sikhs but shall only harm the interests of Dalits-down trodden Chamaars of modern society. If their leaders takes a wise step and do not depart from their base-the Sikh religion, they will not only get respect in society but shall give strength to Sikh cause to fight the malicious minded RSS on every front. RSS and some politicians are trying to divide and weaken the SGPC which controls the historical Gurudwaras. Earlier Sikhs of Delhi did it and now some Sikhs from Haryana are trying to do so and demand a separate body for Haryana just to roast a few chestnuts of them. They forget that it was formed only on sacrifices at Panja Sahab and Amritsar. Many Sikhs sacrificed their lives to form it. Now RSS is provoking these Sikhs like Rashtriya Sikh Sangat, a branch of RSS - Hindu hard core group which can be easily described as RASHTRA KA SARAA SANGTHAN. So Sikhs of Haryana and other parts of India are warned of the malpractice of RSS and Sikhs should not play in enemies hands and should understand the wicked moves of weakening them. They are requested to keep themselves away from these traitors and give a befitted reply to them (RSS) by all suitable means.

Adolf Hitler is known for his cruelties and genocide of Jews. By not finding his dead body, he was declared a war criminal for 99 years.

President Saddam Hussain of Iraq was responsible for the genocide of Kurdish in north Iraq. America attacked on Iraq, not only to avenge the killings of Kurdish but due to his interests in its Oilfields. Though it hanged the Saddam Hussain on charges of genocide and brutalities on Kurdish but did nothing on genocide of innocent Sikhs.

What about India? Here too the Congress govt. was / is responsible for the genocide of Sikhs in 1984 but the world body kept mute on mass murders.

Why no nation stood beside the Sikhs and reported the matter in UNO?

Just because we don’t have any nation of our own or the one which stand beside us in hour of need?

Just because we don’t have the Oilfields to invite them and do favor in return?

Why the Congress Govt,’s action not condemned and challenged in International court since 1984 by any country?

Where were the human rights organizations hidden and not raised any voice against this genocide?

India is trying for a permanent seat in UNO, If it cannot safeguard and guarantee the lives of its own citizens, How can it play a key role and guarantee the safeguards of the human race in world?

Now in India or not. the Govt. of India has to decide whether it wants to keep the Sikhs and Punjab If it continues the discrimination and injustice, interference in religious matters, Sikh act and sovereignty of religion, no freedom of speech, Non-acceptance of Sikh religion and no changes in constitution, control of waters of its rivers and over Bhakra dam for electricity, Not releasing the prisoners forcefully captured and locked in jails without trials for the last 25 years and so on, we shall have to ask for independence which is our birth right. In that case we cannot be a part of India. We demand a separate Sikh nation called Khalistan / Sikh desh/Sikh homeland/ or may be called by any name but should be an independent and sovereign state of Sikhs, for the Sikhs. We don’t find a safe future for our coming generations in India.

I am very much in India only and can come forward without fear for the sake of my people, for the safeguards of interests of my community; I can produce myself in any court anywhere in India if asked for/if stated anything against the nation. Every religion of the world preaches to live but the Sikh religion is the exemption as it preaches its followers the art to die. Call is very straight,"Je tao prem khelan ka chao Sir dhar tali gali mori aao !! It maarag pair dhareejey Sir dijey Kaan na keejey !! No excuses, that's the spirit bestwoed by 10th Guru in his followers.

I was earlier Baba Gurditta Singh, I was Kartar Singh Sarabha, I was Bhagat Singh, I was Udham Singh, I was Madan Lal Dhingra, I was Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala, I was Jagjit Singh Chauhan, I was in all of them and they all are in me and in every Gursikh.
Sikhs are fearless people. If two Sikhs Baba Bota Singh and Baba Garja Singh invited Mogul army to fight with them, just to show that the Sikhs were not eliminated by Moguls and that they had been blessed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to not to fear in battlefield. I too have come forward and give this call from the soil of India without any fear. This is a stern reply to all anti Sikh forces that Sikhs know to live with pride only. “JE JIVEY PATT LATHI JAYE SABEY HARAAM JETA KICHU KHAAYE !! Another Sikh leader Paramjit Singh Sarna, President of Delhi Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee, presented SIROPAO to the decendents of Lala Jagat Narayan on 12th May 09, who said that he won’t let live the Sikhs with 5 kakars In Punjab, at Gurudwara Rakabganj, Delhi. His name shall also glow on the list of treachery of soulless men of Sikh Panth like Misr Lal Singh, Misr Tez Singh, Misr Bhai Ram Singh, Dhian Singh Dogra, Gulab Singh Dogra, Hira singh, Misr Sohan Singh, Parkash Singh Badal, Sant Longowal, KPS Gill and now a new name is added- Param Jeet Singh Sarna- The traitor of Khalsa Panth.
By presenting Siropao to the heirs of Lala Jagat Narayan (Hind Samachar Group), Sarna has paved the way off to these enemies of the Panth. Millions of Rupees shall be paid to this group as advertisements, published in the news papers of this group. The money of Sikhs offered at Gurudwaras shall be spent to maintain and aid the enemies of Panth. Thus soulless Sarna is shamelessly engaged in anti-Panthic activities. Thus Sarna has lost even considerations of any honor or ordinary self-respect.Betrayal and treachery has characterized him, the Sikhs once had so trustingly patronized and seated him to the highest office of President of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Parabandhak Committee. Media is very powerful source of publicity in present era. Some TV journalists, Cricket players, Singers etc. who are either from Sikh families or play the character of Sikhs in Films or on TV are clean shaved (Patit). The modern generation has accepted them as their ideals and thus away from mainstream of Sikhism. We the Sikhs can not take any stern action against them because the law of the land does not allow it. It gives freedom to all to do what they wish/to live/ to dress themselves/to present themselves as they like. This policy is very harmful for Sikh Panth because it is against the basic creed of Sikhs. Without properly dressed Sikh loses his/her identity. He/her is adorned with 5Ks and without these sighns, can not be called a Sikh.

Some youngg Sikhs use cap instead of a turban. Bhai Gurdas ji said,"Sikh hoye sir topi dharey Saat janam kushti hoye marey !! Turban is not only a protective headgear to hairs only but save the head from fatal injury. It is a sign of pride and valor also. Guru Gobind ji Says,” Raaj bina nahin dharma chaley hai !! Dharam bina sab daley maley hai !! So to save our traditions and culture, we shall have to take some firm and strict steps to control the youths and for the uplift the moral of Sikh youths who are adopting the modern culture of using intoxicates as the culture of high-ups, which is disastrous.
The last most significant comma'ndment of the 10th Guru Gobind Singh ji, is wonderful ’Rider of the blue steed’ was that a”Sikh must in all circumstances wholeheartedly strive for the welfare of the Panth”. Govt of India shall not provide any co-operation in this regard so it is the duty of every Sikh to preach the youths to follow the principles of Sikhism. Get baptized and worship Guru Granth Sahab ji only. Guru da Daas. Ajmer Singh Randhawa. (Compiled on 10-08-09).

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  1. gurfateh veer ji app ji sachi gal keh rahe ho par sadde nave generation sikhi se dur jande ja rahe hai. Das ye ki karra...

  2. I was a witness to the Bluestar Massacre and a Sikh warrior in the Delhi Pogrom. My husband, son, two brothers and other relatives achieved shaheedi fighting there.

    Those fools who think they can ever defeat us are insane. Sikhs of the Guru - as long as we remain Sikhs of the Guru - cannot be defeated. And we will never surrender. We shall be sovereign and free. If the government of India (that legal fiction!) are waiting to defeat us, they'll have a very long forever.

    Feel free to read about what we experienced in 1984 at this link:

    WARNING: the government of India does not want you to know what really happened. On one hand, they minimise the number killed and on the other hide the fact that many of us in Delhi and elsewhere did fight back. The government mobs did not attack us with impunity. A very bad idea to get the Sikhs angry. We are the nicest people in the world, will help anyone who needs it anywhere, give you a big smile. But we do take exception to your committing genocide against us.

    We'll never surrender and ever with liberty be!

    The link:

  3. It's amazing post. I liked it.

  4. e gl k rss sikhism di pahchan khatam krna chahundi hai galat hai
    rss te hindu sikh bhaichare nu bdawa dindi hai
    te mai ik hindu haan gurudware v ussi shradha naal sadi families jndia ne jina k mandir ch baki eho jhian posts pake tusi hindu sikh bhaichare nu khatam na karo

    1. I welcome you in gurudwara because my guru kept four doors opened for all four religions of world as well to all four classes of indian society but kindly view my another blog which will enlighten you on view points of RSS on Sikhism;